Health4all is a warm and welcoming health clinic located on the Northshore of Auckland, right beside beautiful Lake Pupuke.

We care for people of all ages – from children to the elderly – and have experience in treating most PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL

conditions such as back and muscular pain, stress, depression, anxiety, diet, addictions,  and more.

We believe that to be healthy and well, you need to be in balance – physically, psychologically and emotionally.

In order to achieve this balance for our patients, all of our practitioners are fully qualified, insured, dedicated, knowledgeable

and trained to a high standard to work safely with you.


Our Practitioners

All of our practitioners are fully qualified, insured, dedicated, knowledgeable and trained to a high standard.

Joanne Hornsby


Oncology Massage Therapist

Sports Massage Therapist

Joanne Hornsby is the Director of Health4all and Physio4all. Having 14 years experience working in the private sector, Joanne has treated many athletes, including working closely with UK athletics as well as professional rugby league and squash players. Joanne is passionate about working closely with children- advising of good posture and providing screening assessments and strengthening programs for them.
Her special interests incorporate squash and tennis injuries, complex lumbar, pelvis and cervical problems, shoulder injuries, management of hip and knee injuries & replacements, tendinopathies and all soft tissue injuries. Her approach and beliefs are based on manual therapy, muscle energy techniques, fascia release, deep soft tissue massage and exercise rehabilitation. Joanne is also one of the few fully qualified Oncology Massage Therapists in New Zealand, which enables her to provide massage therapy techniques to work safely with the complications of cancer and cancer treatment.

Tel: 021 256 6215

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Kushla Rolls

Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP

Kushla has over 10 years of experience, offering personal therapy.

Everyone faces emotional challenges within themselves at some time in their lives.  The secret is how we deal with them so we can continue on, living life to the full.

Kushla uses modern, safe and effective approaches that can help you through these challenging times, empowering you to move forward in life in the manner you desire.

Tel: 0274527191



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Health4all Julia Taylor-James

Julia Taylor-James

“My passion is to coach people to coach themselves”

Combining Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Psychology with Strategic Intervention Coaching,

  “all things change for good”.

Whether that be around self-improvement, relationship finding, enriching or repairing. Financial or business improvement/success. Work satisfaction or direction required. Parenting guidance. Weight loss or gain. Heart break. Feeling stuck or lost. Helpless. Hopeless with a sense of no control. This coaching is for you. Through this experience you will learn how to coach yourself, whilst healing occurs from that which gets in the way of you enjoying quality of life and a sense of flow and ease.

Just some of the benefits you’ll take with you:

    • Dissolving limiting beliefs
  • Healing your younger self
  • Achieving your desired outcome
  • Realising YOUR psychological human needs
  • Knowing your value structure
  • Your passions and purpose
  • What triggers set you off

With 35 years of intrigue around human behaviour, including years of study qualifying to help people help themselves. Life Coaching and educating others has become my passion, whether it be one:one, couples, groups or in workshops. Skype coaching is an option and gift cards may be purchased also.

Tel: 0272398131



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Charlotte Dumper

Osteopath – BHSc, MHSc

OCNZ registered, ONZ member, ACC treatment provider

Charlotte is an experienced Osteopath and the Director of Oceanic Osteopathy. She has a Master’s degree in Health Science/Osteopathy from VUT Melbourne 2001. She has worked with a broad spectrum of conditions in NZ and the UK, and at the charity Osteopathic Centre for Children. Charlotte has a special interest in using Cranial Osteopathy for her patients, addressing often deep and complex conditions. She works with acute and chronic injuries, postural conditions, stress and wellbeing. Charlotte in particular loves to treat the family unit, working with newborns and young people, to help support them with the best possible start and in their early life challenges.

Tel: 094898511



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Ruth Atkinson

Osteopath – MA, BSc Hons Ost

OCNZ registered, ONZ member, ACC treatment provider

Ruth trained in the UK and moved to New Zealand in 2001. She has worked in a variety of practices, with postgraduate training centred on Cranial Osteopathy and children’s health. She splits her time between Oceanic Osteopathy and her Muriwai practice, and is a volunteer at the Osteopathic Children’s Foundation.

The fast pace of the modern world is often overwhelming. Ruth is passionate about the pause that Cranial Osteopathy provides: this is a gentle powerful modality which can unlock longstanding patterns and symptoms, and enable real lasting change.

Tel: 094898511



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Dr. Sarah Bell-Booth

Clinical Psychologist

BA (Hons), DClinPsych

Sarah is registered Clinical Psychologist with approximately seven years of training and ten years of experience in both public and private mental health settings. In her clinical practice, she effectively treats adults (18+years) with the following difficulties:

  • stress/burnout
  • excessive worry about the future
  • physiological panic symptoms
  • social anxiety
  • health anxiety
  • fear and avoidance of specific situations
  • pre-occupation with cleanliness, control, routine or safety
  • low mood or depression
  • irritability
  • low self-esteem
  • difficulty communicating assertively in relationships
  • challenges associated with life transitions
  • perinatal mental health concerns (antenatal/postnatal anxiety and depression)
  • parenting difficulties in general

The evidence-based techniques she uses are primarily drawn from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This approach includes meta-cognitive therapy, schema therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT; including mindfulness and assertive communication training) and positive psychology (resilience/strengths-based work). Research shows that these techniques reduce distress and improve quality of life. Her role is to help individuals apply these techniques to specific problems in a practical and collaborative manner. This collaboration empowers people to achieve their goals.

Mobile: 0273462707



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Laura Curtin

Reg. Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist,

Medical Herbalist and Personal Trainer

Laura has had a lifelong interest in nutrition, traditional medicine, and growing, preparing and eating simple wholesome food. This led her to owning her own organic whole foods cafe in her early twenties where she specialised in catering for specific dietary requirements. Inspired to help people further with dietary and lifestyle changes she went on to gain a Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine, and a Diploma in Nutrition from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, as well as a Certificate in Personal Training from AUT University.

Laura is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals through holistic approaches including nutrition, natural medicine, exercise and lifestyle changes. Her whole systems approach encompasses examining all aspects of health in order to determine the root causes of illness. Using both traditional knowledge and scientific evidence, Laura creates individualised treatments for a range of health areas including:

  • Optimising athletic performance
  • Disease prevention and healthy ageing
  • Weight management, including weight loss, weight maintenance and lean mass gain
  • Cardiovascular conditions, including blood pressure and cholesterol management
  • Diabetes management and prevention
  • Digestive and gastrointestinal issues
  • Stress management
  • Hormonal health
  • Skin conditions
  • Fatigue

Laura is registered with the Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of NZ association. Southern Cross subsidies may be available depending on your policy.

Tel: 0273241431



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yee yeoman health4all auckland

Yee Yeoman

Women’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist (NZRP, PNZ, PWMH, SIG)

BHSc Physiotherapy, BSc

Certified massage therapist (NZCM)

Yee Yeoman is an experienced physiotherapist who has worked in busy public and private hospitals in Melbourne and Auckland.  Early on in her career she discovered a passion for providing women’s health care and has since attended specialised training (which she continues to do so) in women’s and pelvic health.  She worked as the clinician in charge of the Maternity Physiotherapy department at North Shore Hospital providing care to obstetrics and gynaecology patients.  In this role, she worked on the gynaecology and maternity wards, as well as in an outpatient setting.  This gave her a much better understanding of patients ongoing recovery. 

Yee has a strong interest in working with pre and post natal women in the prevention and management of pregnancy related aches and pains, continence and pelvic floor disorders as well as guiding women on safe exercise practices before and after pregnancy.  She is also a strong advocate in promoting health and well-being during pregnancy and beyond. 

Outside of work, Yee is a foodie.  She also attempts to work them off by keeping fit with running, yoga and barre classes.  She is also a mum to Madi and Liam.

Phone: 0212131092


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